Sula 03 aqua-mat 8.0m2/800W

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              Boxed Product


              The added luxury of a warm wetroom floor


              Underfloor heating is designed to gently warm the tiles from below, allowing them and the grout lines to dry more quickly, whilst providing a luxurious warm feeling to the tiled floor. It is very economical to run, with an output of only 100W per m2

              Product Code
              Area to beWarmed m2
              Heating Load Watts
              AM1.0 1 100
              AM1.5 1.5 150
              AM2.0 2 200
              AM2.5 2.5 250
              AM3.0 3 300
              AM3.5 3.5 350
              AM4.0 4 400
              AM5.0 5 500
              AM6.0 6 600
              AM7.0 7 700
              AM8.0 8 800
              AM9.0 9 900
              AM10.0 10 1000
              AM12.0 12 1200
              Manufacturer Part Number AM8.0

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              Sula 03 aqua-mat 8.0m2/800W

              Code V000866

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              £338.84 (inc VAT)

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