Sula 01 aqua-dec linear 2 2-way 1000 x 1000mm

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              Aqua-Dec Linear 2


              The Aqua-Dec Linear 2 has been specifically designed to make tiling easier. Unlike the Aqua-Dec Linear, which has four gradients, the Linear 2 models have only two gradients, which mean you don't have to mitre the tiles in the corners. Stainless steel inserts are supplied to finish the tile edges.

              NB: Trimming the edges of the Aqua-Dec Linear is NOT recommended.

              The Aqua-Dec Linear 2 should be installed between a wall and panel or two wall. Aqua-Dec Linear 2 comes complete with a LinearFlo drain, which requires a minimum 111mm clearance below the Aqua-Dec.

              Available in 3 sizes

              • LNR21: 1200 X 900mm
              • LNR22: 1000 X 1000mm
              • LNR23: 900 X 900mm
              Manufacturer Part Number LNR22

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              Sula 01 aqua-dec linear 2 2-way 1000 x 1000mm

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