Sula 01 aqua-dec easyfit 1700x750mm

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              The Aqua-Dec is the original level-access shower floor former.


              It is an all-in-one moulded shower floor that has the drainage gradient/slope already built in and it can be fitted with ease into most floor types and in almost any location. Design flexibilty is a key feature of the Aqual-Dec as it is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, plus it is suitable for installation into timber or concrete floors and it can also be trimmed for precise fitting in alcoves. It is compatible with waste pumps too, for those locations where gravity drainage is not possible. All Aqua-Dec's are supplied as standard with the DSS1/H tiled floor gully with a horizontal outlet - a high quality water trap featuring a 50mm water seal, flexible 50mm outlet and a 50-40mm solvent weld reducer

              There are 10 different size options (see below or click product options)

              • 900 x 900mm (AD16)
              • 1000 x 1000mm (AD2)
              • 1200 x 1200mm (AD7)
              • 1300 x 800mm (AD1)
              • 1400 x 900mm (AD6)
              • 1500 x 800mm (AD3)
              • 1700 x 750mm (AD14)
              • 1700 x 850mm (AD15)
              • 1850 x 900mm (AD8)
              • 800 x 800mm (AD5)*

              *The AD5 features a structural upstand as part of the design. This is essentially a raised border on 2 sides of the 'Dec' which allows the drain to be positioned as close to the corner of the 'Dec' as possible while maintaining strength and rigidity. The structural upstand of the AD5 must not be trimmed as this will affect the structural integrity of the 'Dec'

              Manufacturer Part Number ADE1775GRY

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              Sula 01 aqua-dec easyfit 1700x750mm

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